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Please watch the Video Presentation below.  It will give you a good idea about what this course is all about



Welcome to the "Learning Arabic Music Presentation".  It is our hope and intention to have you, the viewer, the musician and the lover of Traditional and Classical Arabic Music, to enjoy and learn this fine art form.

We have arranged this presentation like a web site design, this will allow for easy navigation. The material is presented in a logical order:  An introduction to the presentation, which includes some historical notes and publisher's notes, to give a fair perspective of the historical evolution of modern day Arabic Music.

The Music Maqamaat (Scales) is the next section, which arranges the Music Maqamaat into 4 different groups, based on the musical and sound structure.  For each Maqam, we have provided audio samples for the sound of the Maqam* on some popular instruments such as the Oud, the Violin and the Buzuq.  Several full samples of music and songs are also provided for each Maqam. A written narration of each individual presentation, with click-on samples, is provided for each Maqam. The individual presentation for each Maqam is provided on the left hand column, with a click on Button, for you  to watch the Audio/Visual/ video presentation.

The presentation proceeds into the Musical Forms (Music genres), which is a discussion of all the popular Musical Forms in Arabic Music.  Again, Audio and Video samples are provided for your watching and listening.

The presentation is complimented with a brief discussion and a Tribute to some of the Music Notables of the past, who had contributed greatly to the establishment of Arabic Music theory and structure.

We are sure that by the time you finish reviewing, listening and watching the entire presentation, you will have gained a good understanding, comprehension and appreciation for this wonderful art form.  Please feel free to visit us on the web to view the extensive collection of Audio and Video recordings of Classical and Traditional Arabic Music.  http://www.traditionalarabicmusic.com and http://www.classicalarabicmusic.com 






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