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Course Table of Contents


Below is the Table of Contents of this Course

Each topic below, is discussed in several methods, such as text and audio samples, an Audio/Visual Presentation and an ample number of scale sounds and full musical examples to reinforce the understanding and familiarity with each topic. Below are two examples to give you an idea about the course

Maqam Bayati Samaii Form
  • Home Page and Introduction
  • An Overview of Musical Maqamaat
  • Western Compatible Maqamaat
    • Major Scale Compatible Maqamaat

      • Maqam Mahour

      • Maqam Jhar kah

    • Minor Compatible Maqamaat

      • Maqam Nahawand

      • Maqam Busaliek and Egyptian Ushshaq

      • Maqam Nahawand Murasaa

      • Maqam Farah Faza

      • Maqam Nawa Athar

      • Maqam Nakreez

    • Maqamaat that can be played on Western Instrument

      • Maqam Kurd

      • Maqam al-Sagah

      • The Iraqui Maqam

      • Maqam Hijaz Kar Kurd

      • Maqam Athar Kurdi

      • Maqam Hijaz Kar

      • Maqam Shadd Arban

  • Eastern Maqamaat

    • Maqam Rast and related Maqamaat

      • Maqam Rast

      • Maqam Suznak

      • Maqam Saz Kar

      • Maqam Neirouz

      • Maqam Muhayyar Iraq

      • Maqam Delnisheen

      • Maqam Rast al-Theel

      • Maqam al-Mayah

    • Maqam Bayati and related Maqamaat

      • Maqam Bayati

      • Maqam Turkish Ushshaq

      • Maqam Hsseini

      • Maqam Bayati Chury

      • Maqam Saba

      • Maqam al-Hussein (Maqam Bayati in North Africa

        • Maqam al-Hussein Niriz, Asl, Usheiran, Saba, Ajam

    • Maqam Hijaz and related Maqamaat

      • Maqam Hijaz

      • Maqam Hamayoon

      • Maqam Shahnaz

    • Maqam Sikah and related Maqamaat

      • Maqam Sikah

      • Maqam Huzam

      • Maqam Iraq

      • Maqam Bustanikar

      • Maqam Zangulah

    • Andalusian Maqamaat

      • Maqam raml al-Mayah

      • Maqam al-raml

    • The Pentatonic Scale Maqam (Rast Ubeidi)

    • Combined Maqamaat

      • Maqam al-Theel

      • Maqam Mujannab al-Theel

      • Maqam Tunisian iraq

      • Maqam al-Nawa

      • Maqam Tunisian Isphahan

      • Maqam Moroccan Ushshaq

      • Maqam al-Mazmoom

    • Ajnas (sets) and Modulations

  • Musical Forms

    • Improvised Singing

    • Improvised Music (Taqseem)

    • Musical Composition

      • The Nawbah

      • The Wasla and Bashraf

      • The Muwashahat

      • The Samaii

      • The Tahmilah

      • The Longa

      • The Dour

    • Modern Musical Composition

  • Rhythms and Samples





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